Why I’m Running

California personifies the resistance movement against the failing, disastrous and heartless Trump Administration. Rather than allowing Donald Trump to dictate the terms for how we, collectively, as a state and as a people, will function and live, instead we are embracing state’s rights and our ability to self-govern.

That’s why we’re leading the charge on inclusive and progressive laws that protect the California Dream, from environmental protections to ensuring livable wages, workers’ rights policies, universal healthcare, safeguards for immigrants and sanctuary cities, affordable and accessible higher education, more investments in local neighborhood schools as well as scores of other social and economic justice laws.

I’m running for the California State Assembly to continue the good work that State Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez has focused on in the state legislature, including helping to lead the resistance against Donald Trump.

In the State Assembly, I’ll fight to advance healthcare for all, free community college, priority admission to the UC and CSU systems for California residents, more affordable housing, solutions that help our homeless communities, further tackle climate change by combatting polluters, banning fracking and promoting renewable energy, pushing for big and bold infrastructure investments that reduce traffic and create good jobs, protect immigrants’ rights, and enhance California’s education system by hiring more classroom teachers, shrinking class sizes and giving our students the tools and resources they need to succeed and thrive.

I plan to run a grassroots driven, people and community-powered campaign, that’s competitive, aggressive, and heavily focused on neighborhood level issues, districtwide issues and policies that impact our state as a whole.

I look forward to hitting the ground running immediately and building the coalition of support that we need to win.