The cost of living in California, particularly in the greater Los Angeles area, has risen sharply in the past few years. Rents are skyrocketing and gentrification is pushing people and businesses out of their communities.

I support rent control and intervention from banks to save seniors’ homes. I support Senate Bills 2, 3 and 35, which will increase funding for low-income housing projects. If elected, I will introduce legislation to protect renters’ rights and ensure people can stay in their homes.

Health Care

I believe California must set an example for the country and establish universal health care. As a legislator I will work to ensure that we enact legislation that ensures that insurance companies reduce premiums and maintain affordable rates so every Californian can access affordable, quality healthcare.


California’s higher education systems are some of the best in the world and every student in the state deserves the opportunity to attend one of its schools.

I will work to prioritize Californian students’ admissions into the University of California and Cal State schools, and guarantee free community college for the first year to give our students the best chance to succeed. I also support fully funding Proposition 98, which guarantees funding for K-14 education, and ensure we come through on our promise of adequately state-funded education.


Tackling homeless is vital to our communities. I believe in expanding resources for homeless people, including increased funding for shelters, health care and mental health services, in addition to increased access to permanent housing opportunities and education programs.


I strongly believe workers’ rights must be upheld and expanded to ensure people can earn a living wage and make their voices heard. In my years at the Montebello Unified School District, I spearheaded a project labor agreement, protected collective bargaining, and encouraged opportunities for teachers to engage in professional development.

Small Business

I believe small businesses need to be supported against the onslaught of gentrification and corporate expansion that is so rampant in the Northeast LA region. If elected, I will introduce legislation to provide incentives and subsidies to small business owners to help them stay in business and encourage new, locally-owned businesses.


Public transportation and its infrastructure can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives. I have worked with the community to support the Eastside Gold Line and I will work to expand public transit projects, including increasing light rail, to ensure easy access to affordable transportation, reduce traffic and pollution, and create jobs.


The future of our local environment, and the planet as a whole, are in our own hands, especially given the Trump administration’s negligent apathy. I have worked to protect and conserve our environment by establishing the Garden program in Montebello Unified School District, a tree planting initiative in East Los Angeles, and increased solar panels and LED in Montebello Unified.

As a legislator, I will work to increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles and provide incentives for businesses and residential developers to prioritize installing solar panels.


Our local parks are the centers of our communities and they must be preserved. As the Senior Deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, I worked to increase funding to local parks and as an Assemblyman, I will fight to both pass legislation that redirects passive recreation park bond dollars to active recreation parks and protect cultural arts centers.

Public Safety

The safety of our families and neighborhoods is of utmost importance. I believe our local law enforcement officials needs to be supported and I will work to provide the necessary resources to tackle crime. I have a proven track record of reducing crime by managing task forces and resources of state and local law enforcement. If elected, I will also introduce legislation to reduce early release programs.

Voting Rights

While national Republicans do their best to suppress voter turnout, we in California need to move forward in expanding access to voting so that everyone can have a say in their local government. If elected to the Assembly, I will introduce legislation that enables green card holders to vote in local elections.

In the immigrant communities that make up AD51, many families are currently deprived of having a voice about the composition of their school board or their local city council. We need to enable every parent to be fully engaged in the governance and future of the schools that their children attend.